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Next Step After Middle East Talks: A Major War?

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A senior high-ranking foreign diplomat who is well acquainted with the Middle East said Friday in Washington that „a major regional war is not inconceivable.”

Although war in the Middle East is not imminent, the risk of a generalized regional conflagration nevertheless persists. Among the fuses that could ignite the next fire is the continued lack of progress with the all-but-dead peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis, and what many Arab leaders consider to be Iran’s interference in Arab affairs.

As one Lebanese official who asked not to be named pointed out, Iran is like an octopus with its tentacles touching every aspect of the multitude of problems plaguing the Middle East today.

Indeed, if U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration is unable to revive the Middle East peace talks and to convince the parties concerned to move toward a settlement of the crisis, the ‘natural’ reaction could be another large-scale regional war. A war that could be precipitated by an attack on Iran by Israel, or an attack by Hezbollah on Israel.

Speaking off the record at a conference in Washington last week the diplomat said he feared that stagnation in the peace talks brought about by mounting extremism in the Middle East risks taking the entire region down a rather perilous road. An extremism that is equally visible on the Arab as well as on the Israeli side. (continuare………..)

2 Martie 2009, Middle East Times


Written by Vladimir Gorea

02/03/2009 la 13:20

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  1. Oh Anointed One! Are you and Joe „Foot-In-Mouth” Biden ready for an Iranian invasion of Iraq and the takeover of the oil fields? Or does a simple exercise in Geo-politics too much for your Ivy-League dumbed down brain?


    02/03/2009 at 15:55

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